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Great Grandmaster Liu Yun-Qiao

Great Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao

Founder of Wu-Tan and master of styles such as Bajiquan, Piguazhang and Baguazhang.
Grandmaster Kurt Wong

Grandmaster Kurt Wong

Our instructor's shifu teaches traditional guoshu in the city of Anchorage, Alaska.
Sifu Paolo Castaneda

Shifu Paolo Castaneda

Wu-Tan's proud tradition was brought to Oslo by Shifu Paolo Castaneda, head instructor at Oslo Wu-Tan.

Our classes

The open class in Oslo Wu Tan (adult) consist of: Basic movement, including kicks, punches and throws.

Forms, predominately Praying Mantis (Tang Lang Quan), but also Tai Chi Quan is taught. Mental/ physical training, this is the most fundamental part of chinese martial arts; you should never give up. Our stances is the way we teach this. Hard static training which both strengthens the body and gives you a perseverance that you will find useful in other situations as well. The training suits you if you want to achieve a skill aswell as strength (skillful in addition to being well trained). The training suits you if you want to learn more about traditional chinese martial arts. The training suits you, if you are between 15 and 70 years (the age average is around 30 years today). The training suits you if you want to develop more flexibility. The training suits you, if you want more body control. The training suits you if you have, or if you havent practiced martial arts before.

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