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Great Grandmaster Liu Yun-Qiao

Stormester Liu Yun Qiao

Grunnlegger av Wu-Tan og mester i blant annet stilene Bajiquan, Piguazhang og Baguazhang.
Grandmaster Kurt Wong

Stormester Kurt Wong

Vår instruktørs shifu underviser i tradisjonell guoshu i Anchorage, Alaska.
Sifu Paolo Castaneda

Shifu Paolo Castaneda

Wu-Tans stolte tradisjon ble brakt til Oslo av Shifu Paolo Castaneda, hovedinstruktør i Oslo Wu-Tan.


ChaCui Seminar with Shifu Castaneda

The seminar will cover the basics from ChaCui (hammer fist boxing) from praying mantis. It will  will be an educational intensive seminar in the whole ChaCui form as well as uses and applications instructed by Shifu Castaneda.

Location: Oslo Teatersenter, Tøyen (same as where we train)
Time: Saturday, 17th November, 13:00 – 17:00
Price: 350kr (+50kr surcharge after the payment deadline or if you pay in cash on the day of the seminar)
Signup deadline: Sunday, 11th November
Payment deadline: Monday, 12th November

Signups are done by replying to the email you received (alternatively by mailing

Chacui is one of the beginner forms we teach in the Wu-Tan system and will therefore give both insight and generally improve any practitioner’s level. The seminar is suitable for all members, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We strongly recommend participating in this seminar.

nov. 7, 2012
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