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Great Grandmaster Liu Yun-Qiao

Stormester Liu Yun Qiao

Grunnlegger av Wu-Tan og mester i blant annet stilene Bajiquan, Piguazhang og Baguazhang.
Grandmaster Kurt Wong

Stormester Kurt Wong

Vår instruktørs shifu underviser i tradisjonell guoshu i Anchorage, Alaska.
Sifu Paolo Castaneda

Shifu Paolo Castaneda

Wu-Tans stolte tradisjon ble brakt til Oslo av Shifu Paolo Castaneda, hovedinstruktør i Oslo Wu-Tan.


Summer and Decennial Celebration

The end of the year is closing up.
It is time to start preparing for the end of year celebration. You can find the details underneath (please note there has been a change of date from saturday to friday):

Location: Scenesal, Oslo Teatersenter, Tøyen
Time: Friday, 14th June, 2013:
            18:00-20:00 Speeches and presentations;
            20:00-21:00 Food and socialising.
Detailed agenda: Will be sent when we have a full overview over participants.
Withdrawal deadline: Friday, 24th May, 2013.
Dress code: Wushu uniform or black/Wu-Tan t-shirt + black pants.
Food: Potluck. Please let us know before the deadline what you are bringing.

This year we'll have a ton to celebrate. Oslo Wu-Tan is celebrating its decennial since Shifu Castaneda brought the Wu-Tan lineage to Norway. The discipleship ceremony for two of our practitioners will also be taking place who will be accepted in Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiaos lineage.

We start at 18:00 o'clock, the times above are based on no withdrawals. Please let us know how many friends or family you will be bringing.
There will be food and time to socialise, the food will be a potluck, you are therefore required to bring food. We will need to know what you are bringing so we can gain an overview.
The club will provide plates, utensils, cups, and drinks (coffee, tea, soda, juice, water).

We have a few extra uniforms for those who would like to buy for the occasion.
We've had to do a last minute change of date due to unforeseen circumstances and would like to apologise for this.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Facebook event.

mai 14, 2013
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